The Development of Traceability System for Pasteurized Milk of Example Cooperative

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Supaporn Ngamsopasirisakul
Anantaya Saksaard
Ninlawan Choomrit


The objective of this research is to study the cold chain of pasteurized milk process and to develop a traceability system. Data collection system of example cooperative is in a form of paper document. Searching and inspecting documents from several departments rather spend long time when customers return waste pasteurized milk. Begin with studying the cold chain, the traceability process from the marketing, warehouse, production, quality and raw milk are presented. Then documents of each department are gathered and are developed in a new format using Excel. Data are linked by the document number and production date which lead to data connection from cooperative departments to customers. Then data are imported and are presented by Power BI. The first page of the program offers a traceability overview. The second and the third pages present the results of quality test. The last page shows the temperature data of pasteurized milk production. Then trial and satisfaction assessment were done. After improvements, traceability process was reduced from 15 steps to 10 steps. The warehouse and quality departments reduced paperwork and replaced with Power BI. The satisfaction assessment using a questionnaire divided into 2 parts: 1) the traceability system and 2) the program. The results were shown in high level of satisfaction.

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Ngamsopasirisakul, S., Saksaard, A., & Choomrit, N. (2023). The Development of Traceability System for Pasteurized Milk of Example Cooperative. Journal of Advanced Development in Engineering and Science, 12(35), 17–31. Retrieved from
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