Publication Ethics

Journal of Advanced Development in Engineering and Science are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in publication. Therefore, all parties involved must strictly abide by the ethical principles and standards of publication.

Editor's Roles

1. Editors are responsible for reviewing every article submitted for publication with the journal. By considering the content of the articles that are consistent with the focus and scope of the journal. This includes reviewing the quality of articles in the evaluation process and the quality of articles before publication.
2. Editors must use academic justifications to consider articles at all times without bias towards the author's race, gender, religion, culture, politics and affiliation.
3. Editors must not have any conflict of interest with authors or experts. Do not use articles or journals for business purposes or for their own academic work.
4. Editors must not modify or change the content of articles and evaluation results of qualified persons. Including not blocking or interfering with information exchanged between experts and authors.
5. Editors must strictly follow the processes and procedures of the journal.
6. Editors must maintain journal standards and developing journals to be of high quality and always up-to-date.

Author's Roles

1. The author's work must be a work that has never been published.
2. The author must not copy the work of others and must be cited every time when the work of others is presented or referenced in the content of their own articles.
3. If the author's academic work involves the use of animals or volunteers, the authors should verify that they are operating in accordance with ethical principles. Strictly comply with applicable laws and regulations. Including having to obtain consent before every data collection operation.
4. The author must disclose the source of funding to support the academic work.
5. The author must agree to transfer the copyright to the journal before publication and not to publish the work with other sources after it has been published with Journal of Advanced Development in Engineering and Science.
6. The author's name that appears in the article must be a person who is actually involved in this academic work.

Reviewer's Roles
1. Reviewers must consider the quality of the article as the main, consider articles under academic principles and reasons without prejudice or subjective opinions and has no stake with the author.
2. Reviewers must not seek benefits from the academic work that they have assessed.
3. Reviewers must be aware that he or she has a true understanding of the content of the academic work being assessed.
4. If reviewers finds that the article are plagiarized by other works, reviewers must be notified immediately to the editors.
5. Reviewers must maintain the assessment period according to the specified assessment time frame and not disclosing the information of the article to irrelevant person.