Production of Banana Syrup

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Thidarat Thepparat


The purposes of this research were 1) to develop a suitable recipe of banana syrup that gives the maximum quantity of banana syrup and 2) to study the consumer acceptance to banana syrup. The properties of banana syrup from the suitable recipe were analyzed including the total soluble solids, pH, water activity, viscosity and quantity of microbiology. In this research, the consumer acceptance of banana syrup by 5 hedonic scale test was studied by using 30 samples with purposive sampling. The statistics used in this research were means and standard deviation. The results showed that, at the duration of fermentation time of banana syrup of 7 days, the suitable recipe to produce the maximum quantity of banana syrup was at the ratio between banana and sugar of 80:20. The banana syrup properties of total soluble solids, pH, water activity, and viscosity were 76 degrees brix, 6.5, 0.439 aw, and 6,112 cps, respectively. Moreover, the quantity of microbiology of the produced banana syrup was under the standards of Plant Standard and Certification Division and the consumer acceptance was high level at the mean value of 4.45.

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