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Academic Journal of Industrial Technology Innovation is an academic journal in the field of science and technology. To be a medium for disseminating academic works Research results of personnel, theses, dissertations of students, faculty, personnel, academics, as well as those interested both internally and externally. It focuses on publishing academic articles on industrial technology innovation and research results obtained from systematic and orderly research Knowledge can be transferred by preparing academic articles or research articles that are of high quality and meet standards suitable for publication of academic work. This is an indicator that indicates the strength of a higher education institution or educational agency significantly.

The article will go through an initial evaluation process to determine the quality and scope of the content. Accuracy of article preparation format, redundancy, and plagiarism (Duplication and Plagiarism) by the journal's editorial team. The article will then be evaluated for academic quality by no less than 3 experts in the relevant field. The author (Author) and the evaluator (Reviewer) will not know each other's information. (Double-Blinded Peer Reviews). Articles that have been improved according to the evaluation results will be considered and approved for publication. Final step The editorial team reviews articles and proofreads them before publishing them online and publish all articles together in a book for further dissemination. In addition, research results and academic works published in the journal It is the independent opinion of the author. The author is responsible for any legal consequences that may arise from the published article. Which the editorial team and the journal's production team, You don't always have to agree.

Types of work published in journals

  1.   Research articles/Original articles are articles that the author has compiled from his or her own research, which is the result of research on a particular subject, such as social science research articles. Including various fields of study that are related and will be beneficial to various professions.
  2.   Academic articles are an article in which the writer aims to present only one subject. Obtained from researching various printed documents and filtering them. Compiled by the author.  
  3.   Critical articles/review articles are an article in which the author analyzes, synthesizes, critiques, and criticizes a particular topic/issue in order to present new ideas or new knowledge.


Conditions for submitting articles for publication in the journal   

  1. The manuscript is a matter that has never been published or is awaiting publication in other journals.      
  2. All manuscripts must be evaluated or approved by experts. To check the content (Peer review) if there are suggestions for improvement. The editorial team will submit issues for publication that have received recommendations for improvement or additions to the original owner (author). The original owner must return the revised manuscript to the editorial team within 2 weeks. The editorial team will accept the publication. Only when the original has been completely edited by the original owner.    
  3. Authors must submit their manuscripts to the journal editors no more than 40 days before the publication of each issue. In order for the matter to be published to be published, it will undergo a diagnostic process and consider publishing in the next journal.    
  4. Manuscript submitted for consideration for publication must meet requirements Instructions for publishing manuscripts 5. Topics considered for publication The author can download it from the website of the Faculty of Industrial Technology. Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University

Branches that accept articles

Academic Journal of Industrial Technology Innovation is a journal covering the fields of science and technology. The article contains content related to fields of industrial technology innovation, such as industrial technology, engineering applied, science industrial, studies technical, vocational education, industrial arts, architecture, design, and other fields related to industrial technology. Presented in the form of a research article. Academic articles. Critical article/Review article.

Publication language: Thai/English

Publication schedule: Published 3 issues per year, every year, as follows.

Issue 1 between January–April.

Issue 2 between May–August.

Issue 3 between September–December.

Article publishing fee: There is no fee for publishing articles No. 1-12 and a fee is collected from Issue 13 onwards, 3,000 baht per article for personnel/students. Under the jurisdiction of Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University and 4,000 baht for the public.

Vol. 2 No. 1 (2024): JANUARY - APRIL 2024

Academic Journal of Industrial Technology Innovation

Vol. 2 No.1 January - April 2024

Published: 2024-04-29

Published: 2024-04-29

Web Application for Curriculum Management: A Case Study of Faculty of Science and Technology, Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University

Rattayagon Thaiphan, Walaiporn Sornkaing, Chawanrat Srinounoan, Jirawat Naksuwan, Kulthida Chanakul, Wachira Yungyuen


Innovative Dual-System Pumping Cart Technology by Remote-Control Via SONOFF

Ronaporn Rattanachand, Prakit Imsomboon, Phongpipat Khamhom


A Study of Multipurpose Tricycles Vehicle Performance

Prakit Imsomboon, Ronaporn Rattanachand, Phongpipat Khamhom


Air Conditioning Health Versifying System

Natdanai Suwannachot, Sommai Srisuk, Thikhamporn khemwong, Assistant professor Dr.chatchai kaewdee, Assistant professor Dr.Weerayute Sudsomboon, Dr.Weeraphol Pansrinual, Associate Professor Dr. Phongthep Weeraphong


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“Academic Journal of Industrial Technology Innovation” is a journal covering the fields of science and technology. The article contains content related to the field of industrial technology innovation. Presented in the form of a research article. Academic articles Review article and review articles The presenters of the articles are students, faculty, personnel, academics, and other interested persons. Both inside and outside.