Optimal Active Filter Design by ICuS Algorithm

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Chartchai Majuang
Chananchai Wutthithanyawat
Wattanawong RomsaiI


This paper presents the optimal fourth-order active low-pass filter design based on the Sallen-Key topology by using the intensified current search (ICuS) algorithm. The sum of squared error between the ideal characteristic curve and the actual characteristic curve of the considered active low-pass filter is set as the objective function to be minimized. Results obtained by the ICuS will be compared with those obtained by other algorithms appeared in the literatures. As design results, the fourth-order active low-pass filter designed by the ICuS provides the satisfactory characteristic closer to the ideal curve than other existing algorithms.

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Majuang, C., Wutthithanyawat, C., & RomsaiI, W. (2023). Optimal Active Filter Design by ICuS Algorithm. Journal of Advanced Development in Engineering and Science, 12(35), 70–79. Retrieved from https://ph03.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/pitjournal/article/view/983
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