Implementation of Smart Farm System for Schizophyllum commune Production

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Kuntapon Mahamad
Sriwan Khamtree
Suvalee Chuvanich


Schizophyllum commune are economic mushrooms with high price and nutritional value. This research presented an application of smart farm that increased Schizophyllum commune productivity. The objectives of this research were to study the smart farm control system performance and make a comparison between the product from greenhouse equipped with smart farm system (experimental set) and conventional greenhouse (control set). The system used Programmable logic controller for automatic control. The system was developed to display and collect the temperature and humidity on Google platform. Afterward, the system was tested before installation in experimental set. At the end of the harvest period, the results showed that the smart farm system worked accurately and efficiently. The average error percentage of temperature and humidity were 4.37 and 4.20 %, respectively. In addition, Schizophyllum commune yield from the experimental set weighed 6,861.29 grams, which was higher than Schizophyllum commune yield from the control set 1.99 times (3,443.20 grams). The weight difference result was statistically significant at 0.05 level. Ultimately, the smart farm system greatly improved the efficiency of cultivating Schizophyllum commune for farmers.

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Mahamad, K., Khamtree, S., & Chuvanich, S. (2023). Implementation of Smart Farm System for Schizophyllum commune Production. Journal of Advanced Development in Engineering and Science, 12(33), 56–74. Retrieved from
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