Corrugated Tube Washer Using the Third Newton’s Law and Gravity Force

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Patcharanan Sritanauthaikorn


Medical corrugated tube will collect body-fluid after used. It needs to clean this tube for reusing and reducing the volume of purchase. Many hospitals need to clean this tube. This research objective is to clean the corrugated tube for reusing. Therefore, the corrugated tube washer using the third Newton’s law and gravity force is created. Operating principle is using water with suitable pressure and temperature to inject into inside of corrugated tube. Water mass collides with a wall and is reflex to another wall with the same angle. This water falls by gravity force in zigzag path. The body-fluid comes off and drops to bottom. After washing process, it will be blew with air until the relative humidity is less than or equal to 15%. Total time usage is 150 minutes. The experimental results with adding the color paste into the tube show that the tubes are completely clean. The color is not found in the tube. In the visual inspection, there is no spray inside. Physical tube is still normal, no leakage and no crack. Thus, it is reliable that the cleaned tube from this machine can be reused. 

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