Development of Real-Time Measurement System for Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer

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Pattana Intani
Chan Anyapo


This paper presents a development of real-time measurement system for a dynamic wireless power transfer. This system is utilized as a virtual-measurement to monitor various electrical parameters, which can be applied theses values for the user’s information and the future analysis. The main system consists of a data acquisition hardware and a virtual-measurement software. For the software, the LabVIEW® program was used to develop the real-time measurement system. The electrical parameter values such as the output power, voltage and current can be measured. To confirm the accuracy of the system, several experimental tests have been done by a laboratory scaled-down prototype. From comparative study, the R-squared value of scatter plot between the real-time monitoring system versus calculation and real-time monitoring system versus standard measurement were 0.8595 and 0.9354, respectively. Then, the developed real-time monitoring system is accurate and can be used in conjunction with standard measuring instruments.

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