The Improvement of Production System using Virtual Simulation

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Pongpun Rerkkumsup
Veerawit Kammag
Jaratsri Soeatuptim
Pramot Srinoi


This research describes the virtual simulation of a production system using DELMIA V5 in which PERT chart is used to define the operation procedure and Gantt chart is used to specify the duration of each step. Comparison of cycle time from the simulation result with the experimental production system had satisfied accuracy level. The model of an original production system is used to study to know the main flexible factors for improving the system i.e. the adjustable speed of belt conveyor that vary via inverter frequency applied to a motor and the appropriate installation position of the part feeder. The virtual simulation results of production system show the limitation and bottleneck of devices in the system and illustrate the problem that might happen when study and improve the complicated production system. The improvement of production system using the simulation result can reduce cycle time of the original system with maximum value of 8.64%. 

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Rerkkumsup, P., Kammag, V., Soeatuptim, J., & Srinoi, P. (2023). The Improvement of Production System using Virtual Simulation. Journal of Advanced Development in Engineering and Science, 7(19), 47–58. Retrieved from
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