The Role of Microorganisms in Agricultural Biotechnology

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Khukrit Silalaiy


Biotechnology is about the use of techniques or processes to bring all living things apply to the  human beings benefits in various fields . The roles of microorganisms in agricultural biotechnology have been brought to use for being the biofertilizer, the probiotic in animal nutrition, insects control such as biopesticides.  The beneficial microorganisms for agricultural can be used for sanitation which reduces the health risks and dangers toward the agriculturalists from overuse of chemicals and reduces the risks and dangers toward the consumers’ health from residues of chemicals in agricultural products.  It helps to reduce the contamination, residues of poisonous substances, and the problems of deterioration of agricultural ecosystem, reduce the production costs, increase the value and credibility of the agricultural products from consumers, and increase the competitive efficiency of pesticide residues free and organic agricultures which enhance the sustainability for domestic agriculture.

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