Hot Tearing in Metal Casting Alloys: A Review

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T. Chowwanonthapunya
C. Peeratatsuwan


Hot Tearing is an improtant defect, resulting in the degradation of the mechanical properties of casting alloys. The consequence of such defect causes the economic loss in the industry. Hence, the understanding in hot teraing in the alloy casting is of extreme importance to the casting industry. This review article presents the mechanisms and casting parameters, related to the hot tearing. Besides, this article also provides the important method for hot crack suscepbility assessment of casting alloys. Such knowledge can lead to the understanding in the overview of the hot crack, which can further be applied for the hot crack prevention in the casting industry.

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Chowwanonthapunya, T., & Peeratatsuwan, C. (2023). Hot Tearing in Metal Casting Alloys: A Review. Journal of Advanced Development in Engineering and Science, 6(17), 1–12. Retrieved from
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