Study and Development of Wireless Power Transfer

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Ekkachai Chaidee
Dusit mahitti
Anon Namin


Wireless power transfer is a technology that power can transferred wirelessly using magnetic field coupling between transmitter and receiver coil. Objectives of this study are study, analyze and test the wireless power transfer. Equivalent circuit was analyzed to determine the efficiency and out power equation to reveal parameters that have effect on performance of the wireless power transfer circuit. Inverter was designed operating in kHz range. The transfer power was tested by using rated load 25 W, 40 V dc input voltage, and 11.8 kHz resonance frequency at distance between resonators 0 – 30 cm. It was found that the highest efficiency of 92% at distance 2 cm and the highest output power of 27 W at distance 17 cm. From result of rated testing, power can be transferred at the maximum output power of 355 W with the highest efficiency of 73.5 % at distance 17 cm. The results from this study can be used to study deeply and design wireless power transfer system.

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