Development of Electrical-Solar Hot Shower

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Geerapong Srivichai
Khomkrit Srisuwan


This research presents the development of electrical-solar hot shower prototype. The thermosyphon flat plate solar water was chosen for this prototype. Thermosyphon or free circulation system uses some heat transfer water for absorption heat from solar energy and transferring heat to the water by heat exchanger. A prototype is 1.5 m2 flat plate and heat exchanger is 0.04 m3 . A prototype can produce the hot water at 40 - 50qC. The electrical water heater uses induction heater to generate maximum power input 2.3 kW in order to produce the hot water at 45qC within 25 seconds for a water outlet flow rate of 4 liters per minute. It was found that the prototype could save electrical energy 73%. An engineering economic analysis showed that the prototype can save cost more than a typical 3.5 baht per minute.

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