Light Pollution Control Legislation and Illumination Engineering

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Pedithep Youyuenyong


Illumination engineering is a brance of engineering science regarding withthe illuminating qualification and the light operation of indoor and outdoor illuminating installations for the best use of light. Illumination engineer has been influencing in the present because there are many indoor and outdoor illuminating uses including urban living areas, recreational areas, commercial areas and public service areas. Illuminating uses are classified according to the fields of planning development, for example, high district brightness areas in city centres and intrinsical dark landscapes in conservation areas. Although illumination engineering concerned with the use of illumination for the best lighting, however, the use of illumination in the wrong place at the wrong time can cause light pollution. Consequently, illumination engineering practice should become aware of environmental and planning methods under light pollution control legislation which can be taken to reduce light pollution impacts. Therefore, the method of dealing with light pollution is the illuminating control at planning stage. The design or installation of lighting schemes should be concerned by illumination engineering and practice level prescribing the most environment friendly under the main aspects of light pollution control legislation.

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