Design of Microstrip Patch Quasi-YAGI Antenna for WLAN Applications

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Chumpon Patummakason
Terdsak Intachot


A novel microstrip patch quasi-YAGI antenna is presented for for WLAN applications. The half wave dipole and YAGI antenna are modified to a microstrip patch quasi-YAGI. The propose antenna is designed on FRº substrate, since it is small size, easy fabrication and low cost. In antenna design, we analyze and simulate microstrip quasi YAGI antenna by using CST program. To confirmed simulation results, the purposed antenna will be realized and experimented. In measurement, it found that antenna has bandwidth 16.32 % covered the operating frequency. This antenna has unidirectional radiation patterns and gain is about -10 dB with return loss less than -´Í dB which covered WLAN spectrum range. The advantage of the proposed antenna is that it can be used in WLAN systems more efficiently.

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Patummakason, C., & Intachot , T. (2023). Design of Microstrip Patch Quasi-YAGI Antenna for WLAN Applications. Journal of Advanced Development in Engineering and Science, 2(4), 31–37. Retrieved from
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