Effects of Troposphere and Ionosphere on Satellite Signals Propagation

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Narong Hemkorn


Troposphere is the lowest atmosphere which its height is about 10 kilometers above ground while ionosphere?s height is 50 - 1,000 kilometers. The height of satellite orbits is approximately 800 - 35,800 kilometers depending on orbit types of satellites. In order to transmit signal from earth stations to satellites or transmit signal from satellites to earth stations or receivers on the earth, satellite signals have to propagate through both troposphere and ionosphere. The effects of troposphere and ionosphere on satellite signals depend on irregularities of troposphere and ionosphere which vary daily, monthly and yearly. Moreover, the effects also depend on up link and down link frequency. From this research, it has been found that troposphere has an effect on satellite signal using frequency above 10 GHz due to rain attenuation while ionosphere has an effect on satellite signal using frequency lower than 4 GHz due to scintillation.

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