Scale Vernier Caliper Calibration

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Sirisorn Mitranon
Chatchawan Pornpatkul


This paper discusses the expanded uncertainty in the measurement system of the scale vernier caliper which has ± 0.05mm resolution. Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS B7507: 1997) is employed for 3 steps calibration in the range beginning from 5.00 mm to 150.00 mm. The result of calibration with a Gauge Block, Grade 0 which has + 1.4 ôm maximum error in range of 100.00 mm shows that the error cannot be found while the combined standard uncertainty of measurement can be found with the EA-4/02 guideline. Consequently, the total combined uncertainty calculation is presented in this paper. It is found that the expanded uncertainty in the measurement system at the maximum range of 150.00 mm is ± 0.06 mm is based on a standard uncertainty multiplied by a coverage factor k=2, providing a level of confidence is 95% approximately.

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Mitranon, S., & Pornpatkul, C. (2023). Scale Vernier Caliper Calibration. Journal of Advanced Development in Engineering and Science, 2(3), 46–53. Retrieved from
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