Three Phase Sinusoidal Waveform Generator Circuit for Education

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Boonrueang Wangsilabat
Tawatchai Jitson


This paper proposes the three phase sinusoidal waveform generator for education. By the sinusoidal waveform phase A will come from the single phase electrical system which usually in the electrical appliances. After that the sinusoidal waveform phase A
will be shifted to 120 degree with an all-pass phase lag circuit to create the sinusoidal waveform phase B. And finally will be add the sinusoidal waveform phase A and phase B to the inverting summing amplifier circuit for generate the sinusoidal waveform phase C. Furthermore this circuit can be adjusting for output peak voltage from 0 up to 13V. However, this circuit is suitable for use in
laboratory which on have three phase power source system. And it can be study in the basic property of three phase electrical system including the property of three phase rectifier circuits by safety due to the output voltage and output current of it very low. But it can be make up by connect to power amplifier and can be develop to AC power supply for laboratory.

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Wangsilabat, B., & Jitson, T. (2023). Three Phase Sinusoidal Waveform Generator Circuit for Education. Journal of Advanced Development in Engineering and Science, 1(2), 27–32. Retrieved from
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