Factors Influence on Work Efficiency of Officials : Case study at Pathumwan Institute of Technology

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Kanyanat Phatsornsiri


Factors influence on work efficiency of officials belonging to Pathumwan Institute of Technology (PIT) is presented in this paper. The general information of the officials responding to the questionnaires and the comments on the factors influencing to the work efficiency of the officials are studied. The samples of this study comprise of 73 PIT’s official. A questionnaire was used as the instrument to collect data. The data were analyzed in terms of frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, Pearson correlation, t-test and Multiple Regression Analysis. Results of the study were summarized as follows:

The research results illustrated that most of questionnaires respondents were male 72.8 percent, average 41.94 years old, with marital status 56.2 percent and master degree 64.4 percent. Most of them are teachers with 15.15 years average for working experience. Their monthly incomes are 10,000-19,999 Baht or 38.7 percent.

The research results from correlation indicated that most of all factors of hypothesis were accepted; namely personal characteristic, work environment, organization commitment, team working, official teamwork, career advancement, information technology and social welfare factors significantly and directly positive correlated with PIT effectiveness. From regression analysis, however, it is found that the career advancement and information technology are influence on work efficiency of PIT’s officials at the level significant of 0.05.

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