Microstructural Evolution and Deterioration of Cryogenically Treated S45C Steel After Pack Carburizing Process

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Chaiyawat Peerataasuwan
Manote Rithinyo
Peeradaech Suwittayaruk
Thee Chowwanonthapunya


This paper presented the study of microstructure alternation and degradation of deep cryogenically treated S45C steel after pack carburizing. The microstructural observation showed that deep cryogenically treated S45C steel after pack carburizing contained a greater amount of martensite and a less amount of retained austenite than pack carburized S45C steel. Besides, globular cementite particles were also found in deep cryogenically treated S45C. Deep cryogenically treated S45C show the better degradation resistance in comparison to that of packed carburized S45C steel . Thus, the combined effect of pack carburizing and deep cryogenic treatment can promote the transformation of retained austenite into martensite and favor the distribution of globular cementite in the matrix of S45C steel, resulting in the significant improvement in the degradation resistance of deep cryogenically treated S45C steel.

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Peerataasuwan, C. ., Rithinyo, M. ., Suwittayaruk, P. ., & Chowwanonthapunya, T. . (2023). Microstructural Evolution and Deterioration of Cryogenically Treated S45C Steel After Pack Carburizing Process . Journal of Advanced Development in Engineering and Science, 13(36), 25–37. Retrieved from https://ph03.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/pitjournal/article/view/577
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