The Creation of Bronze Sculpture Through the use of Virtual Reality Sculpting Technology

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Gomesh Karnchanapayap


Virtual reality, according to global megatrends, will change many aspects of human life. Virtual reality may improve sculpting over traditional methods. The study developed a virtual reality sculpture-making process. This research had three goals: (1) to examine Adobe Medium, the virtual reality sculpting software, and its tools; (2) to synthesize the process and critically practice it by sculpting 30 models; and (3) to use the process to create a bronze dragon sculpture. The study found that: (1) Adobe Medium is innovative virtual reality sculpting software that can be used to create complex sculptures; (2) many of the software's tools mimic real-world tools, so the virtual reality sculpting process is similar to actual sculpting; and (3) the researcher was able to create a complex bronze dragon statue with the process. The researcher believes that sculptors can use virtual tools with added benefits such as an immersive virtual sculpting experience unrestricted by gravity and the ability to gain vantage points while sculpting at any scale. Virtual reality sculpting allows the creation of complex physical forms. These insights are very valuable for sculptors who want to use modern technologies.

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