Risk Assessment of Road Construction Workers from Noise Exposure in Phetchabun Province

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Chananan Phusri
Amira Salaeh
Pattaraporn Seesathan
Phongthon Saengchut


This research examined the risk assessment of worker exposure to noise from road construction, that the factors include operating time and noise level. The sample group consisted of 4 job characteristics were 1) road surface drill work, 2) soil grade work, 3) soil compaction work and 4) concrete slab cut work. The results showed that soil grade work and soil compaction has been exposed to noise for the longest time follows by road surface drill work and concrete slab cut work. The noise level measurement found that all of work to exceeding the specified standard, concrete slab cut work had the highest noise level which was 102.2 dB(A), followed by road surface drill work, soil compaction work and soil grade work were 99.6 dB(A), 88.8 dB(A), 87.2 dB(A), respectively. The result of the identified hazard risk assessment found that concrete slab cut work and road surface drill work were high level of risk. The risk factors effect on working that operating time to long and noise level over standard which 2 factors can be used to reduce work operational risk.

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Phusri, C., Salaeh, A., Seesathan, P., & Saengchut, P. (2023). Risk Assessment of Road Construction Workers from Noise Exposure in Phetchabun Province. Journal of Advanced Development in Engineering and Science, 13(37), 15–23. Retrieved from https://ph03.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/pitjournal/article/view/391
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