The Effectiveness Evaluation of Manganese on The Anti-Corrosion Performance of Low alloy Steel Using Thermodynamic Analytical Approach

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Kanok-on Rodjanakid
Anusorn Phongprapa
Singha Manokruea
Sumrauy Sontong
Sonthaya Khamdech
Thee Chowwannonthapunya


The effectiveness evaluation of manganese (Mn) on the corrosion resistant performance of low alloy steel was performed using thermodynamic methods. The possible chemical and electrochemical reactions as well as the thermodynamic data such as standard Gibbs free energy of ions or compounds were first assessed and well prepared. Van't Hoff equation and Nernst’s equation were then applied to compute the electrochemically significant equations, which were then used to produce potential-pH diagrams of iron and manganese. Both diagrams were later merged to construct the potential-pH diagram of low alloy steel containing manganese. The results showed that MnFe2O4 can be thermodynamically formed in the high pH range and the region where MnFe2O4 and Fe3O4 overlap was obviously found. This indicates that MnFe2O4 and Fe3O4 coexist in the rust layers on the steel substrate and manganese plays a role in enhancing the corrosion resistance of low alloy steel by improving the dense of Fe3O4 , particularly in the high pH range. The effectiveness of manganese analyzed in this paper may be useful to the development of the low-cost weathering steel production in Thailand.

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Rodjanakid, K.- on ., Phongprapa, A. ., Manokruea, S. ., Sontong, S. ., Khamdech, S. ., & Chowwannonthapunya, T. (2024). The Effectiveness Evaluation of Manganese on The Anti-Corrosion Performance of Low alloy Steel Using Thermodynamic Analytical Approach . Journal of Advanced Development in Engineering and Science, 14(39), 17–30. Retrieved from
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