Implication of the National Standard Indonesia (SNI) on Lighting Conservation as a Basis of Architectural Design

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Hanny Chandra Pratama
Yingsawad Chaiyakul


Rate of building construction in Indonesia has been rising, thus monitoring is to retain any
building in compliance with government regulations. Nevertheless, building development in Indonesia is not passed by regulations, one of the regulation is lighting requirements.Lighting regulation in Indonesia referred to document of SNI no. 03-6197-2000 of the Energy Conservation in Lighting System.While designing, SNI cannot achieve since architect does not refer to the SNI regulations. This survey study of National Standard Indonesia (SNI) which concern to lighting issue. It is for obtain a fact and reason related to awareness level of architect to the lighting regulation. This study used data from questionnaire that has taken from 80 design practitioners in Surabaya, Indonesia. From
this study, it shown that 72.5% practitioners are not aware to the SNI of the Energy Conservation in Lighting System. Besides, mostly stated that they were unknownwith the SNI document. From the result data, it can be based data for the further study to increase awareness level of architects and design practitioners toward the SNI regulations.

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Chandra Pratama, H., & Chaiyakul, Y. (2018). Implication of the National Standard Indonesia (SNI) on Lighting Conservation as a Basis of Architectural Design. Journal of Building Energy & Environment, 1(1), 51–57. Retrieved from
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