The Thermal Property of “Jamjuree”

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Choopong Thongkamsamut


Trees and Vegetation have an important role in architectural design especially in site and
landscape aspect, All of green building index define this topic to be a major part. From former study, trees have a useful thermal property especially “Jamjuree” (Samanea saman Jacq Merr.). These thermal properties from this calculation are; (1) The shading from this tree can decrease the heat absorption on the ground that can reduce the heat island effect (2) Its shade minimize the surface temperature that improve a human thermal comfort. (3) It can reduce the air temperature around the building, the cooling load of air conditioning system is decrease. (4) A gorged leave of Jamjuree trees can increase the long wave radiation from the ground to sky that can reduce the air temperature under the tree at nighttime, by this reason, the cooling load is decrease in air-conditioned buildings and improve the human thermal comfort in passive buildings.

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