Computer Software Development for Color Matching in Architectural Design

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Sanchai Santiwes
Tanit Charoenpong
Kaweekrai Srihiran


Defining for building colors is an important in architectural design. The manufacturers and distributors of paint products for interior and exterior paints are organized into a list of popular colors. They are for architects or designers and project owners to find it convenient to choose colors for buildings and determine the construction drawings. They are specifying the brand, code and color properties which must specify that “or equivalent” into the construction drawings. Contractors can choose the color of another brand or another code with equivalent qualifications to propose to the architect or project owner to approve for use in the construction. Nevertheless, the specified color list may not be available in the market or unable to use the color as specified The brand and color code must be changed that requires comparison of the color list. The research has developed a computer application to help compare the color values. It made by using the method of collecting the list of different brands of color available in the market. It made a database and color calibration technique using the HSL color model. Color calibration by computer calculations used to determine the color position in the coordinate system. They used to measure the distance from the coordinates of the color to compare the closest colors. The result of the testing software that was developed able to accurately compare colors can be applied in architectural design.

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Santiwes, S., Charoenpong, T., & Srihiran, K. (2022). Computer Software Development for Color Matching in Architectural Design. Journal of Building Energy & Environment, 5(1), 24–41. Retrieved from
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